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Farewell San Francisco

Emerson may not have fully comprehended it at the time, but he said goodbye to the city of his birth on Saturday. There were a lot of ways in which he did this. Here are just a few:

He dressed up as a Star Wars character (wearing Eric's fleece):

He took a bath with Scout at her house on Saturday night (where we stayed once our apartment was emptied out).

He sat with his mom in the exact spot where he was born. (Yes, I cried.)

Our final hour in the apartment coincided with the landlord holding an open house to rent it out. (Is it just me or is that a questionable choice?) Emerson was in full little boy effect - running around the completely empty apartment like he had just been waiting all this time for us to get all that stuff out of there. The apartment hunters were all quite charmed by him and one couple asked if he came with the apartment.

"Yes," Eric told them. "He's the butler."